Saturday, November 8, 2008


The X-PO Christmas Card is now available.
There are 2 designs - one featuring the Mattie Rynny Wall Portrait from the X-PO kitchen.
The other a view of the old Kilnaboy School House with the Church in the background.

Prices €5 for 6 - all funds to help keep the X-PO going.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Exhibition at X-PO Megs Morley: Penning the Marts

Megs Morley:

Penning the Marts

Exhibition runs Mon - Thurs 2 - 5pm
Friday Coffee Morning 10.30 - 12.30.

Megs Morley's award-winning work "Penning the Mart" can be seen at X-PO for the first time since the Claremorris Open in 2005 when Curator Andrea Schlieker of the Serpintine Gallery in London awarded it First Prize. 
The Video work comprises of interviews with farmers and locals in Claremorris telling their stories and memories of the 'marts' and the changes in their way of farming and the  social life that went with it. 
The work echoed one of Peter Reeses works, a series of photographs taken of the last cattle mart in Kilnaboy in 2003, which he showed in his "Udder View" exhibition at X-PO last June. This work will also be exhibited along with Megs Morley's Photographs at X-PO.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


8 Sept 2008
For almost a year now the decommissioned Kilnaboy post office has had a new purpose and new lease of life. Renamed X-PO, the old building has seen a concentrated burst of artistic and community activity unique in a small rural community. Driven by the vision and energy of Dromoher artist Deirdre O’Mahony, as part of her doctoral thesis at the University of Brighton, the X-PO has drawn many people in, curious to see what kind of a thing this X-PO arts project might be way out in the rural west.
Local people initially embraced the project through the first archive exhibition: a tribute to a great local character, genuine gentleman and postmaster of many years, Mattie Rynne. There followed exhibitions, talks and presentations dealing with the changing environment, changing farm life and changing rural social circumstances that mirrored events and concerns in countless other rural parishes.
Local interest groups took ownership of the X-PO idea through local history and mapping projects. They used X-PO computer resources to scan and reprint old photographs gathered in the community for a community archive. They also used the building as a meeting place and a base. The Macra na Fierme also found a home there. Health and Beauty and Set Dancing evenings were arranged.
Visitors from all over the world signed the visitors book. Passing tourists, academics and students from the Burren School of Art, conference delegates and summer scholars all came to look and left with a glimpse of Ireland past, present and future that they could have found absolutely nowhere else.
And now ….?
Now ... the reins pass from a single artist to the X-PO Community. Action Groups have been set up to work on Funding, Culture, Local History and Education. The ‘Team X-PO’ Management and Co-ordination Group has been set up to continue the work Deirdre started: to continue to build social and artistic networks locally and globally: to adapt the basic shape of the X-PO to its new circumstances.
What that shape will turn out to be is not yet clear. Commitment, participation, interest and circumstance will all play their part. Over the past year valuable friends and partnerships have been made for the X-PO those relationships will carry into the future.
At present the necessary structures are being put in place so that funds and grants can be applied for, exhibitions and events can be organised and the place kept open.
On September 19th there will the first of a weekly Friday Tea and Coffee morning and a chance to preview the new photography and film exhibition: X-PO Retrospective – the beginnings. This exhibition will feature large-scale photographs taken by Deirdre O’Mahony when she first started to work on the project nearly a year ago. There will also be showing a film by Ennistymon filmmaker Fergus Tighe who has documented the X-PO from the early days.
Clubs and gatherings will start on Monday 22nd September and should feature a Singers and Players Club, Set Dancing, Local History and Mapping, Drawing for Portfolio, Health and Beauty, Music.
X-PO would like to thank everyone who has helped, sponsored or aided us in any way. X-PO would especially like to thank those who have participated in the many events over the past year.
Contact XPO on 086 0872983 or Team XPO for availabilities and times.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Image from Surfacing: Viscaux now running at X-PO.

Tues 22nd July at 8 pm

Michael Mc Caughan will talk about his his book, The Price of Our Souls: Gas Shell and Ireland which deals with the controversial Corrib Gas Project in North Mayo, where Shell is building a gas refinery and high pressure pipeline in a landscape of extraordinary natural beauty.

McCaughan has written extensively about local and global economic interests and is based in the Burren with extensive experience in Latin America.

X-PO, Kilnaboy Cross, Kilnaboy, Co Clare. Tel 065 6827940

Sunday, July 13, 2008


The X-PO: GOING LOCAL At a meeting on June 29th at Kilnaboy NS Deirdre O’Mahony explained to the community that after almost a year of hard work renovating, equipping and developing the old Post Office in Kilnaboy as a public art space that her intention is now to step back from the project. Deirdre thanked everyone for the support given to X-PO and said that the project was now there for the community to develop and enjoy as both a community and cultural space. One of the main points raised was the intensive program of events and exhibitions organised and facilitated by Deirdre over the past eight months. All who had been involved in the various exhibitions curated at the X-PO expressed their thanks for the huge amount of work done but many were wary of taking over having seen what was involved. Deirdre pointed out that the X-PO was run in past year as a single artist project; the pace had been dictated by the durational nature of her proposal and also as a way of drawing in and engaging with the community. The numbers visiting and using X-PO have vindicated this approach, however the pace of events can now change and adapt to suit the future plans and needs of the community. Deirdre is at a point of completion with her PhD and will not be able to continue with the X-PO for the immediate future. Jim Maher agreed to make the X-PO available to the community for the further continuation of the project and Deirdre asked if people were willing to take over. The general consensus was that the project should be continued but the fear was that people already on many community committees would face ‘burn-out’ and find themselves jeopardising other projects by taking on more commitments. It was acknowledged that there is a need for new people to step forward and get involved in projects like the X-PO and that all members of the community, whether newcomers or long-standing residents would be welcomed and appreciated, regardless of prior experience. Deirdre envisaged, not a committee, but project teams, to care for the different aspects of the project: Mapping, Local History, Evening Classes, and Local Knowledge Archive have some representation and are planning on continuing their work. An administration team is required to take care of programming and the fundraising. The X-PO evaluator, Jay Koh, reminded the meeting that working as a community group opened up many avenues of funding. The Arts Council has already backed the project and shown great interest but areas such as Heritage, Tourism, Leader, VEC could also be approached. The curation of exhibitions could be in the hands of invited, funded Artists and Interns. Everyone agreed that the status attained by the X-PO with visits from the Arts Council, American Universities, RTE, Kilnaboy NS and the huge interest shown by local residents meant that the project had to be carried forward by the community. The call is out for members of the community to volunteer for the Project Teams being formed.

For Further information call 065 6827940 or email

Deirdre O'Mahony SURFACING: Viscaux 2004 - 2008

Kilnaboy Cross,
Kilnaboy, Co Clare
065 6837177


Surfacing: Viscaux 2004 - 2008

Launch Sunday 20th July at 12 noon

Exhibition runs from Sunday 20th July to Friday 29th August 2008

Opening Times: Monday to Friday: 2- 5pm, Sundays 2- 5pm.
Evenings: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 7 - 9pm

X-PO is a public art project that seeks to actively engage rural communities by giving time and space to review, recall and renew core community values and priorities.

Funded by the Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaionn and SuperValue.

Peter Rees: An Udder View

Peter Rees: John Collins and Michael Collins with Frank O'Grady back from the winterage 2000

Peter Rees The Legion of Mary Corofin 1998

Peter Rees: The Last Cattle Auction in Kilnaboy 2003

Kilnaboy 1983 -2008

May 20th to June 13th

If Kilnaboy man Peter Rees: full time truck driver, dedicated part time photographer, had a theme tune it would most certainly be Del Reeves classic, 'Looking at the world through a windshield'. For the past 30 years Peter has been photographing the leavings, returnings, christenings, weddings, communions, births, deaths and any and all other significant events in the parish, amassing a vast collection of pictures chronicling the ever changing ways and days of his friends and neighbours. His truck cab vantage point has given him a better than average point of view of the comings and goings in the community and his archiving nature has kept the evidence neat and accessible in a room full of photo albums.

The advent of Deirdre O'Mahony's Kilnaboy X-PO public arts project has allowed Peter the perfect opportunity to present his work in a dedicated exhibition. The X-PO project being all about rural community, its past, present and future. Peter's work is a perfect fit to follow the mappings and tracings, the videos, paintings and museum style exhibitions Deirdre has already curated for the X-PO. In what is surely a unique exposition of the lives, times and history of a rural parish Deirdre and Peter have spent months, evening by evening, trawling through thousands of pictures, selecting images year by year to make up his show.

For most of his truck driving years Peter Rees drove a creamery tanker famous for its 'Udder Cola' livery. His photographic exhibition, 'An Udder View' – your world, his vision.

Phil Gaston

X-PO is a public art project that seeks to actively engage

rural communities by giving space and time to review,

recall and renew core community values and priorities.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Try the links below for a set of pics of the opening of

Tracings, Narratives and Representations: Kilnaboy 1842- 2008

taken by Colm Byrne and a general location map for the Kilnaboy X-PO.

Tracings, Narratives and Representations: Kilnaboy 1842- 2008

The Rinnamona Research Group
Séan Taylor
The X-PO Mapping Group

A crowded house on Sunday May 18th saw the opening of Tracings Mappings and Representations 1842 - 2008 at the X-PO in Kilnaboy. Half the population of the parish and a good many other interested parties gathered for a densely archived presentation of collective memory, celebration of place and artful investigation of what it means to 'belong'.

Exhibition ran from May 18th -June 13th 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tracings, Narratives and Representations, Kilnaboy 1842- 2008


Rinnamona Research Group
Séan Taylor
The X-PO Mapping Group.

Opening Sunday May 18th at 3pm.

Exhibition runs from May 18th -June 13th 2008


Tracings, Narratives and Representations, Kilnaboy 1842- 2008

Rinnamona Research GroupSéan TaylorThe X-PO Mapping Group. Opening Sunday May 18th at 3pm.Exhibition runs from May 18th -June 13th 2008

Opening Times for this exhibition:Monday to Sat 2.00 – 5.00 pm
Evenings: Mon, Tues, Thurs. and Fri. 7.00 – 9.00 pm.

X-PO is a public art project by Deirdre O'Mahony.
The aim is to revive the kind of incidental social space formerly represented by the rural post office and it will be the subject of a Nationwide feature in the coming weeks.
X-PO is generously supported by The Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíonn and SuperValu X-PO, Kilnaboy, Co Clare. Tel 065 6827940 Email:

Friday, April 25, 2008


X-PO Kilnaboy - Coming Events April 2008

Sat 26th 2 - 5pm

Evaluation visit

Artist Jay Koh is visiting the X-PO and will be at the X-PO to meet and hear comments

and contributions on the project to date.


at 2pm

Public Meeting: The future for the X-PO.

at 3.30pm

Exhibition Launch: Farming: A Visual Stuttering Artist: Eileen Healy

Exhibition runs from April 27th to May 10th.

The X-PO is open Monday to Friday 2-5pm.